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It’s Here!!! Fab Fit Fun Spring 2019 Box Review

I cannot even begin to explain how happy I was to see my box on the back steps when I let Miss Mia out to potty this morning. Giddy isn’t even remotely close enough to describe my joy.

Yes, I ripped it open as quickly as I could.

Before I dig through it and show y’all everything here’s a pretty picture of how nicely they pack everything into these boxes. If you want this box, click this link.

This is my box it is worth $414. (I added extra items from the choices and add ons galore, but this is the actual subscription without add ons or extras. Not to worry I will include the extras too.)

I am going to lay every single thing out and tell you all about it. I have used everything already throughout the day so, I will give my honest opinion on everything too.

This didn’t quite fit in the other picture so, I gave it it’s own picture.

This was a mystery choice item. A friend also did the mystery choice for her box and received a different product from the same brand. She received a lip crayon. I know the photo is terrible. I have another and I will post it later in this post with my review.

Ok so, I will go product by product and then delve into extras and add ons. Each box comes with eight full size items. With my link, you will pay $39.99 for your first box. The regular price for this subscription is $49.99 per box, which comes once per season /four times a year. I receive a credit, which can be used to purchase add ons or items during the Fab Fit Fun edit sales for each person who subscribes using my link. I am eternally grateful to everyone who uses my link. I didn’t spend a single extra penny of my own money aside from paying for my subscription because people signed up using my link and I had a nice amount of credits to spend. (I got to go shopping for myself and I never really shop for myself aside from my three subscription boxes and cleaning supplies from Grove Collaborative so, thank you very much, for funding my splurges.)

I am going to start with these super cute cat eye sunglasses from Quay Australia. I honestly would never have given these a second look in the store. The other option was a pair of aviator style sunglasses from the same company or a sleep mask or a picnic set (I added the picnic set) I was nervous about these because I have a hard time with sunglasses. I try on so many pairs and they are always huge on my face and make me look like a bug. These are super cute, a bit big compared to the style I normally wear, but no bug eyes. Yay!!!

Next up, Ouai leave in conditioner. This stuff smells amazing. It leaves my hair so soft and helps me with tangles. I have baby fine hair and combing through it, even with a wide tooth comb, is near impossible because my hair becomes one giant knot. Leave in conditioner is ALWAYS welcome. I had just recently purchased Living Proof shampoo, conditioner, perfecting spray (a leave in conditioner) and a few other products so, while those are my favorite, this bottle will go in the upstairs bathroom so, I can detangle after a soak in the tub. (Get the box here)

I didn’t have to open it to know I love it. I have a travel size already opened. 😁

This is a new one for me. I have never heard of Tula nor have I ever heard of probiotics being added to facial cleanser or skincare in general. I was pleasantly surprised when I removed my makeup this evening. It not only removed a majority of my makeup, but it removed the dirt and oil, sweat, and whatever else was on my skin and it did so WITHOUT drying out my skin. It didn’t make my skin angry either. (waterproof mascara and matte liquid lipstick usually require a makeup wipe or micellar water so, this isn’t abnormal and definitely not a reason to say no to a facial cleanser)

For my first experience, I am definitely happy and will use it for a week in place of my preferred cleanser to see if I have any reactions or if it actually improves my skin. So far, I like it and the bottle is quite big compared to most cleanser bottles. Get the box

Next up is a product I am VERY familiar with because I have been using it for a while now. Dr. Brandt Needles No More No More Baggage Eye Gel.

Here is my opened tube. First, allow me to explain that this isn’t your typical eye gel by any means. I don’t use this every single day. There are multiple reasons why I don’t use it every day, but the two main reasons are, it is expensive and it isn’t what you think it is because it isn’t regular eye gel or eye cream. It isn’t exactly a gel either. It comes out of the tube as a peachish colored pasty gel. I know that sounds gross and why would anyone put that on their face? I use it because it WORKS! It really does work and it works so freaking quickly and keeps working all day long. So, imagine you are having an extreme allergy attack and your eyes are super puffy and almost bordering on swollen, imagine you got no sleep and you are staring into the mirror at huge puffy eyes, imagine you just got off of a red eye and you look like you are having a major allergic reaction, this is the product you need. You basically smear this party stuff under your eyes and wait a few minutes. It dries to a powdery finish, but before it dries it feels like someone put ice cubes under your eyes cooling all that puffiness. Then after a few minutes you look in the mirror and BAM! What puffiness? It’s magically just gone like it was never there. This stuff is amazing and it works so freaking well. I just wish it didn’t cost so much. You only need a little bit so, the tube will last a long time. It is worth it if you are like me, allergic to everything and sleep like garbage. Get the box

Remember that mystery item, here it is again and with a better picture. treStique makes a very interesting line of stick products that are very similar to crayons for your face.

This bad boy is a chunky multitasker. It comes with a built in blending sponge on the bottom and the lid has a nifty magnet so it stays closed and you don’t risk taking a chunk out of the product when you are trying to remove the cap. It opens smoothly and closes as soon as the magnet gets close to the base. These sticks are so versatile. This one is basically a face stick. You can use it as blush, eyeshadow, highlighter, whatever strikes your fancy. I know the lighting is not helpful, it is a neutral peachy shade and definitely not as dark as it looks.

I was very excited about this product. I LOVE S’well bottles. I have a smaller one and it is purple. This one is much bigger than my tiny toss in your purse size. The color/pattern was completely random and there were some cute patterns available, but I was hoping for a neutral color and no pattern. I received a black one and I am just thrilled to itty bitty pieces because black means my darling hubby will take it to work because it’s not purple or loud. It will keep your ice cold water cold for up to 24 hours. You can use it for any beverage, hot or cold, but it really is the perfect water bottle because it really keeps your water cold. It is spill proof, leak proof, and made of metal so no BPA plastic is involved. You definitely need a bottle brush if you are going to use it for any other liquid. I want more of these bottles.

Champagne Charcoal Scrub by Manna Kadar. This stuff smells so good. I tested a bit on my hands just to see how good the scrubbing power was and WOW! It gets bubbly while you scrub, but it took care of the flaky dead skin on my hands and they were so soft when I got done. They weren’t in desperate need of lotion afterwards, but I put some on anyway. I can’t wait to use this at the end of a soak in the tub. Maybe, just maybe, it will help with the dreaded winter itch from dry skin in desperate need of hydration. I sure hope so. Get the box

This is the last item from my base subscription and it was chosen on a whim. It is the Deux Lux Demi Backpack and I thought it was adorable and would be perfect to carry snacks, drinks, and sunscreen when we go for hikes in the wildlife refuge. I wasn’t wrong. It’s a small little pack, I think it is meant to be more like a purse. It says, “for best results do not exceed 22 lbs” so, that screams purse to me. Also, the straps adjust in a very strange manner.

Those little metal buckles are how the straps adjust. They go right through those buckles, but the ends hang loose once tightened. Loosening or tightening can be done rather easily while wearing the backpack. So, all of these things mean it is meant to be a fashion accessory like a purse. It will work perfectly for what I got it for. It is made of very thick and sturdy canvas and vegan leather. Very well made.

Okay onto extras and add ons.

This was the holy grail item for me for this season’s box. A Show Me Your Mumu robe… I was so excited about this robe. I have washed it and dried it and then, I put it on. Get the box

I am 5 ft 1.5 in and the back came down past my knees. The front came just to my knees. Please, ignore my hair, I know it looks like it hasn’t been washed in a week. I have a mask in my hair and it just looks so dirty it’s killing me to post this.

I seriously just tied it as quickly as possible so, I could get a picture. Notice you cannot see my pajama shorts. It is definitely long enough for me to run around the house in my shorty shorts and not accidentally show my son my rear end. It is polyester but feels like a cotton sheet. I may adjust where the belt loops are because it just feels strange tied there. It says one size on the tag, but that is pure BS. There is no such thing as one size fits all. I would say this would fit up to a size 22 (US sizes) or so. Maybe a bit larger, but the sleeves would be the hardest part about this robe fitting properly. They are quite roomy on my body, I know it doesn’t look that way because my arms are down. I am a size 8-10 (US) if that is helpful. Now, for the downside…. I know I suck for this.

It’s rather sheer. Not completely see through when worn, but it is thin material and if the light hits it right, all of your bits will be seen. As I said, I was wearing a tank top and a pair of short pajama shorts under it for the above photos. Do I love it? Definitely. It is exactly what I expected. I will adjust the belt loops and it will be perfect.

Remember that picnic set I mentioned at the beginning, well this is it. It has everything needed for a picnic for two. Isn’t it adorable?!

It’s made by Sunnylife and comes in an adorable little zippered case.

Picnics in the wildlife refuge are definitely in my future.

My son’s girlfriend asked me to add this because she doesn’t have full customization because she is a seasonal subscriber so, I got her this body sander thing. πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ Seriously though, it is a Daily Concepts body brush and she is thoroughly excited about it.

Now for add ons. I don’t normally spend much on add ons unless they have Living Proof hair products on sale.

These were in the Winter Editor’s box and I wanted them. They are Pier One mini prep bowls. They hold about a cup and a half of whatever you need them to hold. Also, super cute.

I know the writing is difficult to see, I’m sorry about that. These are Corsx Acne pimple master patches. They are hydrocoloid bandage dots for acne. they are clear sticky dots that suck the grossness out of a pimple. I know, that sounds truly disgusting. It is, but they can heal a pimple almost overnight. You can either pop the pimple or stick it with a pin when it comes to a head. Then, stick on a patch, go to bed, and wake up to the dot that was clear, turning white. They work amazingly well. This is a 3 pack of the patches and well, I use them and my son uses them. They are amazing little things.

I love the Ahava brand. Seriously everything they make is amazing. This is a one bath package of dead sea salt. Dump the whole package into the tub and soak. Perfect evening in my mind.

This little bar is amazing. It demolishes acne on your face and body. The instructions aren’t like normal soaps, you lather up and let it sit and work its magic.

During warmer months, I break out on my chest and back and this deals with that issue.

This was a freebie. It was a sponsored product and everyone who had at least $15 worth of items in their cart could add this until the supply was depleted. It is apparently available at Target. I will be giving it to my son’s girlfriend because I don’t like deodorant. I prefer antiperspirant because I don’t enjoy being wet. I am always sweating even in the middle of winter.

GlamGlow youthmud (this is the best clay based mask ever)

St. Tropica hair growth vitamins

I have been taking these for two months and my hair has grown in far stronger than before and it is beginning to thicken up a bit. They have biotin, but there are a bunch of other natural ingredients and any vitamins are worth taking when you are like me and forget to eat during the day. πŸ˜‚ I am trying to get my hair past my butt so, hair vitamins are worth trying for a few more months. (I am pretty close, my hair is to my butt.)

These are pretty self explanatory. The green one is for my son, the blue one is mine. Corkcicle cups keep drinks cold in the Oklahoma sun.

A giant round towel by Sunnylife. (It is really a towel, Terry cloth and all.)

A giant XL towel from SandCloud. (This is not Terry cloth) It is very tightly woven, almost like canvas. It is supposed to be sand proof meaning sand won’t come through the weave and won’t stick to the fabric. I will be using it as a picnic blanket. I can’t wait. It is approximately 7 ft Γ— 5 ft. (Approximately) It’s HUGE.

If you made it all the way to the bottom of this post, I am in awe. I am also going to reward you with kitty pics.

They love whenever any packages come because they get to play in the box and play with packing materials.

If you would like to subscribe to Fabfitfun, you can click here for $10 off your first box.

Until next time…

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FabFitFun Spring 2019 Box

I’m so excited about the spring box. Spoilers have been released for this box and I am in love with the robe from Show Me Your Mumu (Valued at $84) It is considered a kimono type robe and looks rather similar to this robe from the same company. (The colors are a bit different, but it is very similar.)

There are three choices for this specific item (usually about 6 items that can be customized if you subscribe annually, and 2-3 items if you subscribe seasonally)

The second choice is a Deux Lux Demi backpack valued at $75. It is super cute.

Finally, the third choice is an Unplug Aromatherapy diffuser valued at $55. This diffuser comes with a bottle of orange essential oil.

The subscription for FabFitFun costs $49.99 per season with four boxes a year. I wrote a post for my Fall box and took oodles of pictures, but I completely forgot to make a post for my winter box. If you click this link you can save $10 on your first box, making the price of your first box, $39.99. (I receive a small credit for add ons if you subscribe using my link.) If you haven’t noticed, every single one of those options for the first choice is well over $40 and that is just one item. There are more items in the box. My Winter box was valued at $365, and I paid $49.99 for the box. There are no sample size items, though sometimes companies add a sample of there product to each box. V8 added a sample of one of their products into the winter box, as did Barilla. (Barilla added a small jar of pesto with ricotta and it was delicious.) The products that you choose from are NOT samples, they are all full size products. The best part about this subscription is if you want both options for an item choice, you can add the other option for $10. So, you are getting a product ranging from $55 to $84 ( for the first item choice options) for $10. That is fabulous.

The winter box had:

In every box,

AHAVA hydration cream mask

Blaq eye mask (5pk)

Thrive Causemetics eye brightener highlight stick

My chosen items

BearPaw combo, headband and pop top gloves

Richer Poorer Rena over the knee textured socks

Lele Sadoughi silver circle necklace

Mark and Graham color block throw (grey/ivory)

A mystery item (it was a wearable blanket aka a poncho)

Anthropologie Mer-sea & Co. Whipped body cream

Those were my personal choices. There were at least two options for each item choice. I opted for all of the warm things since winter is cold and I like to be comfortable. The only item I wasn’t thrilled with was the Thrive Causemetics highlighter stick. I don’t know what to do with it so it just kind of sits in my makeup organizer. πŸ˜‚

Again, if you want to get this box, it has NOT released yet, it releases next week and ships at the end of the month of February (23rd I believe, but not 100% sure) you can save $10 off your first box by using my link. (If you can afford to pay annually, do it, you get to customize all of the choices. Seasonal members can only customize a few choices. Plus, it’s cheaper in the end to pay all at once. I think they take an additional $20 off of the price of the subscription. You will get your money’s worth. If you are seasonal and don’t like an item, Fabfitfun has a swap forum on their community (on the website) and people trade all the time as long as the product is unopened and undamaged.

Until next time….

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FabFitFun Fall 2018 Box

My fall box has FINALLY arrived. It feels like I have been waiting forever. The mailman laughed at me because I was so excited to see it among the packages he was holding. (I also received printer ink ordered from Amazon, my Grove Collaborative order, and the daily mail delivery as usual.) I live in a very small town, well, technically outside of the very small town. The UPS driver delivers all around the area where am and I see him quite often, but sometimes, UPS delivers packages to the post office and the mailman brings them out while doing his route. So, while something may be shipped using FedEx, DHL, or UPS, sometimes the mailman delivers it instead. I think it is a great idea because some days the UPS truck is crammed full with packages and his route is HUGE. I would rather receive my package around noon instead of when it’s pitch black outside around 8pm. Anyway, back to the Fall box. This post is not sponsored in any way, I paid for my FabFitFun subscription just like everyone else does. (Completely worth it too.)

For $10 off a new subscription, please scroll to the bottom of this post and read EVERYTHING after the Aesthetica brow stencils. This is very important for you to read thoroughly because of how late in the season it is, some items may be completely sold out. I do receive $15 towards future boxes whenever someone uses my referral link. I believe in absolute clarity about any perks received for posting referral links or codes.

Without further ado, here is the Fall 2018 Box

Ugh, air bags for padding. I seriously hate these things. In this case, I won’t complain too much because there are breakable items inside.

This is not a good sign. The box is upside down. The items surrounding the box are add-on items that I purchased because they were seriously marked down and I will show those later.

This is the top of the box. It’s super cute and I may use it to store things in my linen closet. I try to reuse all of the decorative boxes from my subscriptions.

Honestly, I didn’t read the little newsletter you see on top. I did flip through it and like most subscription boxes, it has information about the products inside the box, but it has a handful of tiny articles as well. I will read it later.

The promo/info cards and newsletter.

Cute packaging.

A close up of the leaf sticker.

Hooray for goodies!!! Right off the bat, I noticed a Beauty Blender. I have the orange Real Techniques beauty sponge, which works very well and is about $7.00 for two sponges. I have never owned an actual Beauty Blender because I can’t justify paying $20.00 for a makeup sponge. I have a mini one that came in my Ipsy, but I have never used it because it’s the size of an acorn. I did not realize this would be in here and if I did realize, I completely forgot about it.

It’s a pale pink. Sorry for the blurry picture, it kept rolling around.

This was an option available for the fall box. I believe the other option was an umbrella. I tend to break earbuds so, I chose earbuds because I can never have too many. I chose white and rose gold because I can see dirt and grossness on white and I cannot see that on black. (Black was an option) The umbrellas were cute, but I can easily buy an umbrella for like $6.00 and earbuds are not cheap if you want a good wireless set.

Next up, GlamGlow Bubblesheets. I love GlamGlow. Their mask products aren’t cheap, but they are amazing. If you don’t know what these are, they are a sheet mask, which bubbles up when exposed to air. (Like foam all over your face) they are amazing for cleaning out your pores and they are fun. I have a sheet mask addiction. πŸ˜‚

Next up, a bonus snack, a Luna Rica bar. I am not a fan of Luna bars. They are just too chewy for me. The flavor is fine, but the texture is not my thing. I will toss this in with the snacks. One of the kiddos will end up eating it. This was not advertised as an item when choosing my options. Neither were the BeautyBlender or the GlamGlow Bubblesheets. I knew about the GlamGlow from watching a video on the FabFitFun Facebook page.

Next up, Skin & Co. body wash. The scent is Blue in Capri and it smells lemony. It doesn’t smell like straight lemons though. It smells like the breeze blowing through a lemon grove while lemons are ready for picking. That’s the best way I can describe the scent. It smells really good.

Next up, this was an option and I can’t remember what the other choice was so, please forgive me for that. (I did list it in my last post about FabFitFun.)

This product is Yogahhh! Detox bath. It’s Epsom salts with eucalyptus for sore muscles. I soak in the tub a lot so, this was an obvious choice for myself. I think the other option was eye cream, but I am uncertain.

Next up are a set of two gray and white chevron design tea towels. These are much bigger than my other tea towels. I keep tea towels in the kitchen for drying my hands or drying dishes. Sometimes I use them to line a tray or a basket, but I have a bunch of them because I have a tendency to hoard linens. πŸ˜‚

Next up, the Alfred teapot. I drink a LOT of tea. So, I am pretty picky about teapots. I have a few that hold 1-2 cups of tea. This one is about the same size.

I am LOVING how fine the mesh is on this strainer basket. Absolutely zero tea leaves are slipping through this basket. It fits perfectly in the ceramic pot, which is adorable by the way. It is completely stainless steel. No plastic mesh. I look forward to using this adorable little pot later this evening.

Next up is a Grown Alchemist pink grapefruit facial exfoliant. I am quite partial to my Vasanti BrightenUp!, but I will give this a try. If I don’t like it, I will give it to one of the girls. I did notice that this brand is pretty pricey. So, I doubt I will be buying more of it even if I do like it. I would have to love it to spend that much on an exfoliant. Also, it smells like grapefruit, which is not my favorite scent. I have not pierced the metal tube to smell it because metal tubes tend to ooze product the first time they are opened and I have already washed my face this morning and I am NOT ruining my makeup to test it out. πŸ˜‚ I spent too much time doing my makeup to just wash it off before the day is over.

The last item in the fall 2018 box is a Vince Camuto vegan leather tote. I believe it was named the Luck tote. I honestly can’t remember. This was the major selling point for this subscription box. This bag costs $125.00. The FabFitFun box cost me $40.00 for the first box (It is $49.99 every 3 months for 4 boxes a year. One each season.) My box is valued at $389.00 (without any add ons included.) This amount fluctuates based on your choices. The other option if you didn’t want the bag was a set of makeup brushes, which were valued somewhere around $80. Don’t worry, I took more pictures of this adorable tote.

It also came in a wine color, but I don’t wear brown belts or shoes, I wear black. It is a very roomy tote. And it’s so soft, like real leather. I do everything possible to avoid real leather. This is vegan leather. Pleather is cheap gross looking plastic, but vegan leather looks and feels like leather.

This is the pocket inside of the tote. As you can see, the inside looks like the back side of real leather as well. If you rub a finger across it, it reacts like suede and the fibers shift color based on the direction they are rubbed. I have no idea how this is actually made, but it is a major upgrade compared to old school pleather.

I tend to use totes as a purse. I carry some odd things with me in whatever bag I am using that day. I always have water and a few small snacks. I also carry a small pharmacy with my first aid kit. You need something while out and about, I normally have it. πŸ˜‚ I think this comes with being a mom of seven. πŸ˜‚

Okay that was ALL of the products received for the Fall 2018 box. I had add-ons, so I will show some of those now, there were HUNDREDS of add-ons available to choose from. I was shocked by how many products were marked down.

First up, vitamins. I currently take a multivitamin and biotin, this combined those into a single capsule. That’s worth giving it a try. They were half price so, I went ahead and ordered them because the regular price is similar to what I pay for two separate vitamins currently.

More bath salts. I really do soak in the tub a lot. I love yoga and my muscles get super sore afterwards so soaking is a must. This particular brand is normally pretty pricey for a salt blend so I took advantage of the low price.

This was a random purchase. I have seen these sponges everywhere. They are saturated in body wash so, basically you just wet and wash.

It is SOAKED in body wash. It is almost hard like a bar of soap because of how much body wash was is in the sponge. This was also marked down so I figured I would try it. I am hoping it is amazing. It seems like the perfect travel option.

This is my favorite liquid lipstick. It’s normally around $24.00 and completely worth that price. I apply it once and it stays ALL day. I don’t have to reapply at all. I love it. For $12.00, I couldn’t pass up that deal.

Total impulse buy. These were EXTREMELY inexpensive. I think they were $4.00. They may have been less. I can never get my brows exactly even and figured why not. Yeah, that’s a total impulse buy. πŸ˜‚

Now, I have to make a decision between the Spongelle and the Skin & Co. Products for my shower tonight. I may just soak in the tub later this evening with one of the salt blends. I am loving this subscription and it may become my new favorite subscription box. Another bonus about this particular subscription is the perk of being able to add every option available for $10 an item if you do it when the choice options become available. Those extra options sell out FAST. A lot of options were sold out when I subscribed and I have no idea when the box became available for purchase. I was able to choose add-on items because I subscribed early enough for those. Some item choices for the box were available, but I didn’t choose any of them.

If you would like to try FabFitFun, I have a referral link, which will save you $10.00 off of your first box. ($39.99 instead of $49.99 )

Just click here to receive that discount. In the belief of absolute clarity, each time someone uses my referral link, I receive $15.00 towards future boxes. One of my followers has used the link from a previous post. (Thank you, whoever you are. I hope you love your box as much as I love mine.) Also, some options for choice are only available if you are a yearly subscriber. I paid for a year subscription up front so, if you only pay each time the box is available, you won’t be able to choose some of the options I chose. I don’t want anyone to feel like they were misinformed about this process. I am looking forward to the winter box. I have watched this box for well over a year and there is always something warm and fuzzy in the winter box. I will post as much information as possible about the winter box when choice becomes available. As my posts are not sponsored, I will not risk copyright infringement by using screenshots of their page, but I will do my best to find links for every product so, you can see them for yourselves if you are on the fence and waiting for something amazing to push you towards subscribing. (It took a Vince Camuto tote for me to make the plunge and subscribe.)

Also because I am still seeing advertisements for this box, it is still available, but I will warn you that this far into the subscribing, many options will be unavailable for choice. Add-ons may not be available either. I would strongly suggest contacting FabFitFun on Facebook to make absolutely sure that the Vince Camuto tote is still available of that is what is making you want to subscribe. Only when you receive verification that a specific item or items you REALLY want are available should you subscribe for the Fall 2018 Box. I will make a post the second the winter box becomes available. I would be EXTREMELY upset if I subscribed and the tote was sold out.

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Fab Fit Fun Fall Box 2018 pt 1

I finally decided that this box needed to be ordered. I have done several subscription boxes, Ipsy, Birchbox, Allure Beauty Box, Beautycon (before they stopped doing boxes), Mask Maven, Beauteque Monthly, Boxycharm, Target Beauty Box, Walmart Beauty Box, and Sephora, but this one always seemed too good to be true. Every ad I see says up to $400.00 in every box, which is $49.99. I finally looked up the price for a tote that they had in the fall box, it was $128.00 on the designer’s website. This is far more than the $50.00 price tag for the box.

These boxes have always made me want to buy it, but this particular box has a bag from Vince Camuto. His bags are amazing with price tags of $100.00 and up. That’s more than I want to spend on a bag. That link above is the exact bag for the Fall 2018 box.

The box also includes a teapot or a French press, wireless earbuds or an umbrella, tea towels, a facemask, shower gel, face scrub, and eye cream.

Total value of the box is approximately $360.00 depending upon the options you choose. The bag is customizable and has even more customization options if you pay for a year in advance ($179.99 plus tax) Shockingly, this box also ships to Alaska and Hawaii for a small shipping fee per box. I believe it was $8.00, but I didn’t read it closely because I don’t live in Alaska or Hawaii. I will share my referral link, it gives you $10.00 off your first box and gives me $15.00 off my next box. That drops the price from $49.99 plus tax to $39.99 plus tax. I am honestly looking forward to the winter box. I have looked at this box several times and just never did it. Winter’s box always has fluffy stuff like scarves or blankets. It’s very Hygge (the closest definition for this I can give is cozy). Oklahoma gets brutally cold, not because of the temperatures, but the wind cuts right through you. So, I always love blankets scarves, sweaters and anything cozy.

When the box arrives, I will share oodles of photos. I am seriously excited about this subscription because EVERYTHING is full size, which is rare for most subscription boxes. Many are samples and deluxe samples. (I still love subscription boxes though.) I get excited when I opened the mailbox and see a subscription box because it is like a present each month or each season.

Beautycon was my very first subscription box and everything was full size. I fell in love with subscription boxes right then and there. I cancelled a few of my inexpensive subscriptions to justify paying for this one because I hate spending money on myself. Hubby told me to subscribe for a full year so, I did. I will post pictures for each season’s box. I strongly recommend subscribing only when you see a box you really want. If you want to know all of the options before subscribing, just ask. If you hate the tote, (it also comes in brown) they have two sets of makeup brushes as options as well. One is silver, the other is rose gold. I think the ability to choose is kind of awesome because sometimes you have too many purses or too many makeup brushes, too many lipsticks, etc. I don’t wear much brown and black matches with everything so, I went with the black tote.

I went with the teapot instead of the French press because I have a Keurig for coffee and don’t have the patience to deal with a French press when I want coffee. I’m sure it tastes better that way, but I am just not that functional in the morning. Tea is a different story. Tea has to steep a certain time to taste right and I love cute teapots. This one is just adorable. I went with the bluetooth wireless earbuds instead of the designer umbrella because I listen to music when I clean, when I paint, when I do pretty much anything. I have a set that has the hard plastic part that hangs around your neck like a headband would, but they take forever to charge and I am constantly forgetting to charge them. This set, has no hard plastic piece it’s a small wire, I guess, that hangs around your neck instead, they are lighter and more compact. Also, I am perfectly happy with the inexpensive umbrellas we already have.

I had a few more customization options because I paid for a year of boxes at once (4 boxes)

The next option was a choice of eye cream, bath salts, and a lipstick. I went with the bath salts. I have a plethora of eye cream and eye gel samples and full size products from my other subscription boxes and I adore soaking in the tub. I also have enough lipstick to paint an elephant a neutral color. I give excess lipstick to my daughter, my daughter in law, and my sons’ girlfriends. I always get neutral tones so they look good on everyone.

The next option was between a facial exfoliant, a cream cleanser, and a day cream. This one, I went with the exfoliant because I am never going to switch from my Oil of Olay for sensitive skin because it has never done me wrong. Plus, its inexpensive enough for me to easily afford it. This particular brand of day cream is $49.00 (um ouch) I couldn’t afford that every month and the face wash is the same price. (Again ouch) So, I went with the most expensive option, the exfoliant, which runs a whopping $67.00. Beauty is expensive. I don’t use scrubs daily so, this will last quite a while. (The brand is Grown Alchemist) Switching back to my regular scrub won’t cause issues because I switch between multiple brands and types already thanks to my other subscription boxes. Once every week I exfoliate, but sometimes it’s twice a week if I get particularly sweaty or wear particularly heavy makeup. As it is summer and temperatures are rather high, I haven’t been wearing makeup because I don’t like the feeling of the makeup melting off of my face. (Gross)

I don’t know much about the couple of other items that are supposed to come in the box such as the tea towels, the body wash, or the face mask (I know it’s a sheet mask.) I only saw those products in the original video advertisement, which showed the tote and I clicked the link. There is also a discount code for this box. The code is FALL. It gives you $10.00 off the box. If you don’t want to use my referral link, I want you to still get $10.00 off of your box. I don’t want anyone to have to pay full price for their first box. I used the code FALL because it was listed in the advertisement. So, I know it works.

So, I am excited about this box and even more excited about the Winter box because I know it will have super cozy stuff inside. I will let y’all know as soon as I know, what is in the winter box. I will also let y’all know what the customization options are for each season. Also, in addition to customizing, you have the option to get both options for an additional fee. The earbuds or umbrella were not available when I subscribed, but I could have added the Frech press for $10 or the lipstick and eye cream for the same price. The same price applies to the cleanser and day cream, which were over $40 each for original price so $20 extra and you could have the whole skincare set. That’s pretty awesome. Additionally other products are marked down as add on items. I added two items to my box. A Tarte tartiest lip paint, which is normally $20 and I paid $10. The other item is EIR post session salt, which is yet another bath salt. Regular price is $20 and I paid $9. Those discounts are 50% and 55% off retail, which is amazing. I LOVE Tarte tartiest lip paint. It goes on and stays on all day long no matter how much I eat or drink. It doesn’t make my lips chapped, it doesn’t look caked on, its matte, and I am obsessed.

So, there you have it, a full informational report of all of the options for the fall box for FabFitFun, a rundown on which things you can customize for a seasonal subscription and a yearly subscription. Again, $49.99 plus tax if paying per box ($39.99 with this link) or 179.99 plus tax if paying yearly. You get 4 boxes a year: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Each box has hundreds of dollars in full size products inside. There are ZERO samples.

Until next time…