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Panda Planner Review

I have been looking for a planner to help me keep track of everything, life related and Homestead related. I saw an advertisement for a planner on Facebook and they had a 10% off coupon deal going so I went to look at it. For some unknown reason, I could not, for the life of me, get that code to work from the Facebook post. I decided to contact the company for assistance and I had honestly just given up and messaged them a second time saying never mind about the assistance because it just wasn’t worth it to me anymore. The following day, they messaged me back with a link for a free planner. I was absolutely shocked because I had planned on paying for it, but had just gotten frustrated with the discount code. I clicked the link and they shipped me a free planner. This is seriously amazing customer service to start with, but the planner arrived today and oh my goodness it’s perfect. I want to make it very clear that I receive absolutely nothing for posting this review. They sent me a free planner because I couldn’t get a discount code to work (I sent screenshots of the error messages from Amazon. I really couldn’t figure it out.) So, let me show you this awesome planner.

They come in different colors, but this was the one they had the Facebook special on that day. I don’t care what color it is.

If you look really closely you can see the panda head logo is embossed into the cover. This is a hardcover planner and it’s really well made.

The very first page has tips on how to use the planner and the website listed at the top. It is printed on 100% recycled paper!!! Yay!! No wastefulness and recycling makes me happy.

It has 3 sections (the pages do fold flat, but I was doing this with one hand so they look like they aren’t bound properly. I assure you they are bound straight and this is my weirdness.

So there’s monthly, weekly, and daily sections (daily only has pages for 90 days, but monthly and weekly are 6 months and 14 weeks) so. If you are the kind of person who wants as new planner on a regular basis like myself, it’s absolutely perfect. They have weekly planners and yearly ones as well. So, if you want one, I would strongly suggest looking at the specifics for each. Some people prefer an entire year in one planner, but I would get bored with that quickly. I actually like the 90 day planner. Hubby wanted a yearly one.

It is completely undated, which is really nice because I really suck at keeping up with a planner.

Each section is divided so you can easily find where they begin.

They even included bookmark ribbons to mark the month, week, and day and each is a different color so, it’s easy to see which is which.

I am excited about this because I may actually be able to keep up with this planner because it has everything I need and it is easy to make lists, add in reminders, appointments, and even a spot for daily notes.

There are a handful of blank note pages in the back, with grid dots, which I love because I sketch out designs for garden beds, additions to the coop, and other stuff for the Homestead. I keep a stash of graph paper in my purse, but this is so much more convenient.

This is an amazing thing right here. Pockets are always helpful, but this one has fabric instead of just paper. It will actually last through being crammed full of receipts, warranties that are waiting to be filed away, and even scraps of paper with doodles. Additionally there is an elastic strap to hold the book closed when it’s tossed in a bag, a drawer, or wherever you keep a planner.

I have always been a journal keeper and I have kept up with them religiously, but my journals are completely blank so I can draw, paint, or jot down my dreams when I wake up or my goals, thoughts, feelings whenever the mood strikes. With a planner, it’s more about organization and time management and I have always had issues with time management. I have lists everywhere to remind me what needs to be purchased, tasks to be completed, I have a calendar on the fridge and another in my phone, but that’s the furthest thing from organized. This is exactly what I have been looking for during my search for a planner. There are oodles of different colors, some planners are dated, some are un-dated, but they have so many options available.

Panda Planner was also kind enough to give me a discount code for ALL of their products (this is NOT the same code I used and had issues with when I tried to order.) The code is entered at checkout on Amazon (I tested it prior to this post.)

Please feel free to share it. I have already filled out all of the months and weeks for my planner. I have also filled in birthdays, holidays, appointments, special occasions and everything else I need to keep track of for the year. I ordered another one for hubby for racing because he has a spiral notebook he has been using and he hates it. He has already said that this planner looks like it will hold up better being tossed about in the trailer and the toolbox at the track. Again, ai receive absolutely nothing for writing this review. I truly believe that this planner is amazing and extremely well made. If you are looking for one, I highly recommend this one. I do wish it had sleeves for business cards or something like that and an address book section because I am constantly losing everyone’s addresses. I will probably suggest this to them, but I am happy without those things because I can easily shove business cards into the pocket in the back and write addresses in the notes section.

Until next time…